Nutriculture - Oxy Pot 19L KIT

Nutriculture - Oxy Pot 19L KIT
Nutriculture - Oxy Pot 19L KIT

Nutriculture - Oxy Pot 19L KIT

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Nutriculture OxyPot system gives incredible results in small spaces using just a handful of clay pebbles.

In Oxypots, the plants are grown in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, generating explosive plant growth and very high yields. The plants are placed in a mesh pot containing pebbles, and the roots hang down into the growing chamber, which includes an air pump that continually oxygenates the nutrient solution.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems allow growers to tailor their root zones to ideal conditions, allowing for faster and stonger growth, without the hassle of water pumps and plumbing. The plants' roots will grow down into the reservoir as the water level drops leaving the end of the roots to take in water while the upper part of the root will be suspended in air enabling additional air absorption. The air pump provides excellent water / oxygen aeration

The Oxypot has a water gauge that allows the user to see the level of water in the reservoir without having to disturb the plant

It is recommended that you change the water every 2 weeks to ensure the plant receives adequate nutrition.

For the best results, keep the water temperature between 18 degrees celcius and 26 degrees celcius. 

This system includes:

1x 19L reservoir and lid,

1x 140mm black mesh pot,

1x air pump

1x 50mm air stone ball

approx 1m of air line

Choose the 'Extras Kit' to get:

- 1l bottle of Wallys Super Plant Food 

- 1x bag of Clay balls

Just add water and your good to go!

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