Canna - Cal-Mag 1L
Canna - Cal-Mag 1L

Canna - Cal-Mag 1L

Canna - Cal-Mag 1L

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Canna calmag agent ensures a balanced amount of calcium and magnesium specially designed to add to your nutrients. This product will increase the EC value of the water you use, stabilizing the water for your plant to feed on. It makes water harder and will create the best base water for your plant to be able to take in all the nutrients it needs, to grow healthy and strong on a coco substrate.

Because of the different quality of tap water in Australia and New Zealand, we have designed a water conditioner and pH stabilizer for your Coco substrate in form of CANNA CALMAG AGENT.

Perfected for use on Coco Substrate 

Stabilizing the pH of your water

Fewer deficiencies in calcium and magnesium 

Enhanced nutrient uptake

Stronger plants

Stimulates better quality flowers

Increases the EC of your water

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