Cultiv8 - Bar Heater 80w
Cultiv8 - Bar Heater 80w

Cultiv8 - Bar Heater 80w

Cultiv8 - Bar Heater 80w

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The Cultiv8 Tube Heater is designed to efficiently maintain the temperature within a grow area, ensuring an optimal temperature for plants to thrive in.

Its versatile mounting options allow for easy installation on walls and floors, ensuring convenience and adaptability to fit your specific layout.

Ensures your grow space is regulated to a comfortable temperature.

Equipped with inbuilt overheat protection, it safely provides maximum heat output.

The safe and durable IP55 rating ensures it will run flawlessly even in harsh environments.

Designed to suit 2m 

Power Draw - 80w

Amp/Voltage - 0.a/230v

BTU/HR - 260

Heat Area Output 2m Square 

Length - 610mm

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