Cultured Solutions - UC Roots
Cultured Solutions - UC Roots

Cultured Solutions - UC Roots

Cultured Solutions - UC Roots

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Cultured Solutions®

Highly Concentrated

Made in California

Use in any hydroponic growing system

Promotes thick, bright white roots, Eliminates risk of Root Rot

Increases ORP, creating an environment unsuitable for pathogen and fungi development

Dissolves mineral buildups, reducing the risk of nutrient lockout, Maintains a clean and clear nutrient solution

No risk of root burn

Neutral pH of 6.8, NO pH buffers necessary

Reduces labor and decreases equipment maintenance

Use at any stage of growth all the way to harvest

UC ROOTS is a multipurpose root zone optimiser that uses proprietary chemistry to aid in mineral descaling and the removal of potentially harmful biofilms in nutrient reservoirs.  By reducing the potential habitat for plant pathogens, UC ROOTS has been shown to aid in root development.

UC ROOTS is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Rockwool, NFT, DWC, RDWC, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based DTW applications.

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