FloraFlex - 8" 2 Gal Pot Pro Kit 8 Plant

FloraFlex - 8" 2 Gal Pot Pro Kit 8 Plant
FloraFlex - 8" 2 Gal Pot Pro Kit 8 Plant
FloraFlex - 8" 2 Gal Pot Pro Kit 8 Plant

FloraFlex - 8" 2 Gal Pot Pro Kit 8 Plant

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Ready to go 8 Pot kit

This kit was designed to help you get started with the FloraFlex Pot Pro / FloraCap Systems and is designed to work with Coco Coir

The FloraCap® 2.0 will give even distribution of water, less algae build up and less chance of fungus gnats.

The 8 outlet Multi Flow Bubbler comes with 4 color-coordinated interchangeable inserts which allow you to control the water flow precisely.

Kit includes 19mm soft poly tubing to allow you to join it to the pump of your choice.

We have tried to keep this kit as universal as possible however it might not fit your specific needs, feel free to contact us and we can customise a kit to suit you. 


8x Pot Pro 2 Gallon / 7.6L 8" Square Pots

8x 6" FloraCap Square

16x FloraClip V2.0 Pipe Clips

1x FloraBubbler 8 outlets - Options of Open flow or 4 different flow rates 

1x Floraflex Quick Disconnect 

8x Floraflex Barbed T-piece splitter

1x 19mm Barbed Threaded Director

10m x Floraflex Green 4mm Tubing - Dripper tube

2m x 19mm Poly Tubing - Riser tube 

Colour Insert Flow Rates: 2 (YELLOW), 6 (BLACK), 10 (RED) & 20 (BLUE) GPH


This kit does not include a pump and we recommend using nothing smaller than the Aquaone Moray 3600 pump, we have tested this kit in store with a Moray 3600 pump and open flow diaphragm with success. If you use a larger pump you can use the interchangeable inserts and achieve ultimate control of your flow rates. 

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