Hortitek - UFO 300w

Hortitek - UFO 300w

Hortitek - UFO 300w

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HORTITEK'S UFO range innovates the traditional UFO lighting design by integrating high performing diodes and external lighting control. 

Utilise the signal daisy chain feature to sync multiple UFOs with a single controller to optimise your grow.

Hortitek uses Diodes & Drivers which are manufactured to Western Electrical specifications.

Thus ensuring consistent performance, reliability and build quality.

All lights parameters (PPF & Efficacy, CCT, CRI) , electrical parameters (Watt, Amp, Vol, PF, THD) features (connectability, ports, dimmers)  are available in the manual.

The Hortitek UFO comes pre-assembled tested and Certified by Western Electrical Australia, meeting National and International standards.

To learn more about the importance of rigorous third-party testing and quality control, please visit westernelectrical.com.au


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