Nutrifield Veg Ignitor

Nutrifield Veg Ignitor
Nutrifield Veg Ignitor

Nutrifield Veg Ignitor

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Veg Ignitor contains a blend of kelp (seaweed), amino acids and nutrients to stimulate and support growth during the vegetative cycle.

Amino acids contain bioavailable nitrogen (N) to support protein production, which is vital for the increased growth induced by the biostimulant kelp. The enhanced shoot and leaf formation provides a strong foundation for healthy and robust plant growth during the vegetative cycle.

Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® will induce rapid vegetative plant growth. The natural growth stimulants, nutrients, and amino acids contained within Nutrifield® Veg Ignitor® present optimal resources for your plants. Thereby, Veg Ignitor® facilitates rapid shoot establishment and robust vegetative growth. Your plants will be stronger, capable of bearing more weight, and have substantial lateral branching.

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