Nutrifield - Pro Pot Kit 15L (DWC)
Nutrifield - Pro Pot Kit 15L (DWC)

Nutrifield - Pro Pot Kit 15L (DWC)

Nutrifield - Pro Pot Kit 15L (DWC)

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Deep water culture (DWC) pot kit, comes with everything you need to get started on your DWC adventure

Kit includes:

15l Nutrified Bucket

150mm Nutrified Mesh pot

Aqua one 2500 air pump

Golf Ball Air-stone

13mm inline valve

13mm Tub outlet

1x Air check valve

2m air tube 4mm

2l clay balls (to suit 150mm grated pot) 

The bucket has been predrilled and preassemble as much as possible but please note: we remove the tub outlet for shipping purposes. 

The Nutrifield Pro Pot system gives gardeners the ability to completely customize their hydroponic setup.

The Pro Pot is a unique hydroponic growing system which is customizable, adjustable, and scalable.

The pots are made from high quality plastic, giving gardeners the freedom to customise their hydroponic systems, without the risk of leaks or breaks.

The Pro Pot system is modular system – it can be used as an isolated system for growing a single plant, or daisy-chained to form large growing systems.

The Nutrifield patented Pro Pot system is durable and reliable, ensuring gardeners consistently achieve superior results with every crop.


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