Ozone - Air Purifier

Ozone - Air Purifier

Ozone - Air Purifier

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Ozone destroys odour!

Designed for domestic use in confined spaces.

Cleans the air of bacteria, viruses, fungi and pollen.

Regulation knob controls the output.

Do not operate the air purifier in spaces where it is expected that people or pets are to be present as the ozone produced may be harmful in large quantities.

For quick deodorisation of small areas, turn the air purifier on a let it run for 15 minutes then turn the unit off and let the room aerate for 30 minutes.

The air purifier may be used for longer periods providing that people or pets are not expected to be present in the area. It is recommended to inform any persons that the air purifier is operating in that area and allow the area to aerate for 30-60 minutes before entry into the area.


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