Timer Box 8 Outlet - Growlush

Timer Box 8 Outlet - Growlush

Timer Box 8 Outlet - Growlush

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Timer Box 8 Outlet - Heavy Duty Timer and 8 Outlets

When using HID lighting, it is important to have a reliable time switch to turn your lights on and off at the correct times. Standard household timers can be problematic with the high start up loads created with HID lights which may cause the timer to fail. The Timer box range is a reliable way of switching high start up load items. The Timer box uses a heavy duty industrial contactor to ensure 100% reliable and carefree switching cycles of your lighting system. The Timer box has a an easy to set manual 15 minute increment 24 hour time switch that switches the power load through the contactor and not the time switch ensuring longer timer life and a successful light cycle start up.

The Timer Box range is a reliable way of switching high start up load items, so ideal for HID lighting and othe high start up current electrical items.

The Timer box 8 has two power input supply leads - Needs to be operated on 2 separate electrical circuits if using in residential settings. Most houses have 3 - 4 separate electrical circuits.

When requiring only 1,2 or 3 outlets, plug ‘Input 1’ into a mains power wall power point and this will power the timer and power the 3 sockets on the left side (via the timer). If 4, 5 or 6 outlets are required then simply plug ‘Input 2’ into another mains power wall power point, then outlets 4, 5 & 6 will also be controlled by the timer. This will help with circuit breaker tripping due to having too many lights on one standard power circuit.

Each side of the Timer Box 8 has a maximum of 15 amps rating limit, ie: 5 amps per socket, 30amps in total can be handled.

Please note “Input 1” must be plugged into the wall power point for the timer to operate and charge the battery for the timer battery backup which keeps the time clock correct during power outages

Professional 24hr, 48 segment timer, with 15 minute setting intervals
Molded mains power plugs
Universal wall hanging bracket, free from the floor
Sturdy and robust metal powder coated housing

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Timer Box 8 Outlet - Growlush
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