Calcarb - The CO2 & Calcium Foliar Spray

Apr 30, 2024

We are super buzzed on this product and we felt like we had to share it with everyone. To our knowledge there is nothing else like it on the market so we thought it was worth telling you about it!


Did you know; when Calcarb is applied to your leaves it will deliver CO2 and calcium directly into the stomata!

Whats the deal?

Calcarb Is a unique product that works on a range of plants like, vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers and it can be used on indoor or outdoor crops!

Its made by using a very unstable form of Calcium Carbonate which is in powder form, it gets added to water then applied directly to the underside of your plants leaves. Once it hits the leaf surface it gets absorbed directly into the stomata where it starts to break down into Calcium and Carbon Dioxide.


There are two main processes happening when you apply Calcarb, lets explore both of those.

Calcium delivered directly to the foliage - Calcium plays a major role in the final quality of your fruit and it allows your plants to cope with heat stress, while also strengthening the cell walls. Calcium will improve cell strength and make your plants more rigid but it also contributes to other major functions within the plant, like nutrient uptake and enzymatic processes which help the plant function.

Carbon Dioxide delivered into the stomata - The best part of Calcarb is the fact that it releases Carbon Dioxide directly into the stomata (the stomata is were plants absorb CO2). It becomes like a direct injection engine with fuel being delivered directly into the plant, CO2 levels can rise up to three times more than usual which will cause an increase in photosynthesis and ultimately, the production of more plant material. 

Stress Reduction

Calcarb can help your plants recover from neglect or even health issues if the plant is not too far gone.

Spraying the left over leaves will increase photosynthesis in the foliage and will help the plant recover quicker, it will also raise the pH of leaf surface which will prevent airborne pathogens like powdery mildew from taking advantage of the already weakened plant.

Folair Sprays During Fruiting and Flowering

The majority of the stomata are situated underneath the leaf so there is no need to cover fruit or flowers with the spray! You only need to spray a handful of leaves and it will still be very effective in delivering an increase in photosynthesis. There is no need to saturate the plant so its easy for you to avoid the flowers or fruiting bodies when applying they spray!

Calcarb is the only way you can raise the CO2 levels for your outdoor plants!*

*other than global warming

Like we mentioned before, it is a very unique product!

Even though summer just finished, I cant wait till next summer rolls around so I can cover the whole veg garden in Calcarb. Lol. Till then I'm gonna keep treating the indoor plants... pretty sure my house will become a jungle soon.



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