Floraflex Multi flow Bubbler Starter Kit - Product Spotlight

Feb 29, 2024

Floraflex Multi flow Bubbler Starter Kit - Product Spotlight


Floraflex is a company from the USA that specialises in irrigation and cultivation. Their main focus is high value crops, these high value crops are generally grown in controlled environments to ensure optimal growth and also protection of the crop (ie flowers getting damaged by rain ect).

Floraflex is known for their innovative products but some of the main feedback we get from customers goes something like this: "the systems look complicated to setup", "I am confused on how it fits together" 

We know it can be tricky, especially for people starting with controlled irrigation - To help we put together three different starter kits, all designed to make your life easier.

How does the kit work?

The kits use either coco planter bags or the Floraflex 'PotPro' pots as your base, the water is delivered using the Floraflex Multi Flow Bubbler which ensures an even flow of water/nutrients to all 8 plants (using only 1 pump). Once the water reaches the plant, it is evenly distributed over the top of your substrate using the Floraflex flora caps.

The flow of the Bubbler can be adjusted by changing the removable colored diaphragms - The bubbler comes with 4 diaphragms, each one has a different  flow rate: yellow = 2gph, black = 6gph, red = 10gph, blue = 20gph and the bubbler with no inserts will flow up to 30gph per outlet.   





Which kit should I get?

We have constructed 3 kits, all 3 are very similar with the only difference being the pot. We know some people prefer smaller pots and more frequent waterings while others prefer larger pots and less frequent watering - either way, we have something for you.

All 3 kits can run up to 8 plants but as mentioned before, you will need to choose the pots that best suit your needs.

Kits include 8x 'pots' and 8x Floracaps (either 6" or 8" to suit the pots)

Choose from:

1 gallon - 6inch Floraflex pot

2 gallon - 8inch Floraflex pots 

2 gallon - Green Coir coco planter bags 

Does the kit include everything I need? 

We have tried to keep this kit as 'universal' as possible however every setup is different. The only thing we don't supply with the kit is the pump because the pumps size will depend on how far away your water tank is. We have tested the aqua one 1300 pumps and had great success. The feeder tube supplied is a 19mm tube that is 2m long which should work for most situations.

Parts list:

Each kit comes with:

16x FloraClip V2.0 Pipe Clips

1x FloraBubbler 8 outlets - Options of Open flow or 4 different flow rates 

1x Floraflex Quick Disconnect 

8x Floraflex Barbed T-piece splitter

1x 19mm Barbed Threaded Director

12m x Floraflex Green 4mm Tubing - Dripper tube

2m x 19mm Poly Tubing - Riser tube 

Colour Insert Flow Rates: 2 (YELLOW), 6 (BLACK), 10 (RED) & 20 (BLUE) GPH


1 gallon kit comes with 8x 6" Floracaps and 8x 6" Floraflex pots

2 gallon kit comes with 8x 8" Floracaps and 8x 8" Floraflex pots

2 gallon planter bag kit comes with 8x Green coir coco planter bags and 8x 8" Floracaps

Final thoughts:

We suggest using a seconds timer with these kits. Using a seconds timer will allow for precise control of your irrigation events which will lead to prolific growth!

The pots are designed to be filled with coco coir, some people have used rockwool with this kit - if you wish to use rockwool, simply place the 6" floracap directly onto the rockwool and save the left-over pots for another project.

This is one of the easiest ways to get into controlled watering, just add a pump and plants! 

Need to know more? Pop in and see us!


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