Nutrifield Pro Pot System - Product Spotlight

Jan 31, 2024

Product Spotlight - Nutrifield Pro Pots

What are they?

The 'Pro Pot' system is a patented pot system that was designed in Australia by Nutrifield, the system will allow the user to create a custom setup in multiple different configurations. 

The Pro Pots are by no means a new product, but a lot of people don't know about the functionality behind them or how to set them up.

If you have used the system before then this probably isn't for you but if you haven't, then read on and see why the Pro Pots have gained a cult following over the years. 

Lets break it down:

The Nutrifield Pro Pots come in two size options – 15 and 27 litres and can be used as a stand-alone system (Single Buckets) or connected together (RDWC style setup).

The smaller 15-litre Pro Pots shine in confined spaces and are ideal for cultivating smaller plants like herbs, small vegetables, or ornamentals, while the 27-liter Nutrifield Pro Pots are a better option for growers aiming to grow larger plants, that consume more water or need more root space.

Functional but Tough asf:

The pro pots have been cleverly thought out, they have flat areas for tub outlets (ready to drill), they are height adjustable and the outer rim on the pot & mesh baskets have purpose-built holes for training your plants.

Nutrifield uses a hard-wearing black plastic which guarantees longevity and also makes it easy to sanitize the pots after use. This means multiple growing cycles, from the same pot which is a move in the right direction towards sustainable cultivation.

Kits Ready To Go!

We have predrilled and assembled some kits to help you get started but we also offer the unmodified buckets and parts so that you can construct your own kit. 

Some examples of kits you can build are:

Deep water culture, Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC), Recirculating (via watering ring or halo), Auto watering (uses the lower bucket as a water tank) and more. The options are endless, you can even link the buckets together and then run them off one central water tank like Current Culture or Alien systems.

We have some pre-drilled / assemble kits up for sale - the kits include everything to make your life easier.

The kits we offer so far are:

15L Single bucket deep water culture (DWC)

15L Re-circ / Auto watering system (twin bucket, stand alone kit) - this kit can be used in a few different ways

Need to know more? Pop in and see us!

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