What is Mycorrhizae?

Apr 28, 2023

Mycorrhizae is a fungus that colonises a plants root system and forms an intricate network of thread-like structures called hyphae.

The hyphae is like a root system itself and it extends far beyond the plant roots, absorbing nutrients and water from the Soil / Substrate and delivering them to the plant. In return, the plant provides the fungi with carbohydrates which are produced during the process of photosynthesis.

If you want a natural way to improve the growth, health or rooting performance of your plants, then you might want to consider the addition of mycorrhizae.

Microscopic view of mycorrhizal fungi and a root, showing the hyphae connecting to the root.

Benefits of Mycorrhizae in the garden

Increased nutrient uptake: Mycorrhizae form a symbiotic relationship with plants, allowing them to absorb more nutrients from the soil. This results in healthier, more vigorous plants with increased yields. 

Improved drought tolerance: Mycorrhizae help plants to better tolerate drought conditions by increasing water uptake efficiency and reducing water loss through transpiration.

Enhanced disease resistance: Mycorrhizae have been shown to help plants resist diseases by increasing the plant's natural defense mechanisms.

Better soil structure: Mycorrhizae improve soil structure by aggregating soil particles, which increases pore space and improves water and nutrient availability.

Faster Rooting of Cuttings: Azospirillum Brasiliense can be used as a natural rooting agent for your new cuttings. Xtreme Gardening Azos is a great examaple of the 'Brasiliense' fungi. Buy AZOS here

Environmental sustainability: Using mycorrhizae can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in more sustainable and environmentally-friendly gardening and agriculture practices.

The Xtreme Gardening Mykos is one of the best products available for direct root contact applications, check it out here!

Comparison of root network with and without assistance from mycorrhizal fungi.

Mycorrhizae Viability  

Not all Mycorrhizae is created equal and there can be massive variances in the 'strength' of products available. With exposure to heat, light or over time as the spores age, the viability of the spores will decrease making it less effective. 

We recommend that you keep it in a cool dry and dark place. When choosing your product always check the label to see what strains it contains and how strong the concentration is.

Beneficial Bacteria & Mycorrhizae Everywhere

There are hundreds of strains of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae that will help you grow big healthy plants and we stock a huge range!

We have one of the biggest ranges available in the country, here is a quick summary of a few products that contain live microorganisms / beneficial bacteria or Mycorrhizae 

Extreme Gardens - Mykos Powder

Extreme Gardens - Mykos Wp (Wettable Powder - Suitable for in tank use)

Extreme Gardens - Azos Powder (Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria)

Bio Diesel - Bio One Liquid Inoculant 

Isn - Microbe Boost Liquid Inoculant 

House & Garden - Roots Excelurator Liquid Root Booster 

Emerald Harvest - Root Wizzard Liquid Root Booster 

Seacliff Organics - Microbe Pro Liquid

Seacliff Organics - Mycorrhizal Power

Seacliff Organics - Next Gen Root Formula Powder

Herbi - Myco+ Mycorrhizal powder


In summary, when used correctly Mycorrhizal fungi will not damage your plants or the planet. Beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi will boost your plants growth and general health which will lead to bigger and healthier harvests.

Who doesn't want bigger healthier plants?

So what's stopping you from trying some today?



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