About Us

GROWERSHUB® is located in Auckland and is independently owned and operated.

The team at GROWERSHUB® have enjoyed a lifelong interest in growing anything and everything we can, between us we have a few decades of hands on experience.

With all the new techniques and products being developed we felt the need to create a modern store that is as unique as every crop in NZ, a place where we offer old school experience and values but partner with new technology to help you deliver the best crop you can every time.

Whether you are growing chillies, flowers, ornamentals, vegetables or any funky crop, we want you know that we share your passion and we aim to bring you a range of International and local products easily available all in one place.

GROWERSHUB® is all about integrity and customer service. if you have any questions or cant find something - drop us a email Sales@growershub.co.nz

Thanks for choosing GROWERSHUB® as your premium supplier of indoor growing equipment. 

Ryan & Shannon

Store Opening Hours

Mon-Friday 9:00 - 17:00

Saturday 9:00 - 14:00

Sunday Closed, By appointment only