Why Use CO2 in my indoor grow?

Mar 13, 2023

Carbon dioxide or CO2 is essential for the process of photosynthesis. Most plants grown indoors require a minimum CO2 concentration of 350 ppm to enable them to photosynthesize efficiently and produce energy in the form of carbohydrates.

Plants Need Light Energy, Carbon Dioxide (known as CO2) & Water/Food To Grow. When added to an indoor growing setup (correctly) CO2 can help you yield up to 20% more by the time harvest comes around.

The most obvious benefit is the significant increase in growth that will occur once you up your CO2 levels, However there many benefits to adding CO2 such as being able to run higher temperatures, introduce higher light levels and there is even some talk that adding extra CO2 to your space within the first 3 weeks of flower can lead to larger more well developed flowers

There are many ways to introduce CO2 into a space so we will go over a few methods to help give you an over-view on how it all works.

Uncontrolled CO2 Release Systems

These systems are a great way to introduce CO2 into your grow room without the stress of adding more timers, solenoids, controllers, sensors or alarms.

Mushroom Producing CO2 bags like the Growers Hub CO2 Bag are one of our favourite ways to introduce CO2 into your grow. The bags contain a substrate usually based on wood or coco coir and are inoculated with mycelium which will consume this substrate and produce CO2 as a by-product. These bags are affordable and can last for months!

Greenpad CO2 Pads are another favourite at Growers Hub. These pads are super easy to use and activate once sprayed with fine mist of water. Greenpad CO2 Pads  are another great way to easily introduce CO2.

Plants require no more than 1500ppm of CO2 and adding more than this can become detrimental to your plant growth. Both the Mushroom bag and Greenpad's can help you get close to these levels very easily. 

Green Pad CO2

CO2 Candles another option to introduce Carbon Dioxide into your area. The candles will be filled with a lamp oil which will 'feed' the candle and allow the production of CO2 as the candle burns. The candles generally last between 50-100 hours per fill and produce CO2 until the flame is extinguished 

Controlled CO2 Release Systems 

If you want to get a little more technical you could look at other methods of CO2 Injection or supplementation.

Once you are ready to go down this road you can start to look at products like the Trolmaster Carbon-X which will not only help you monitor your levels of CO2 but also setup emergency exhaust fans, alarms and cut off valves just incase you go over the safe level of CO2.

Always remember that CO2 if used in a confined space can be deadly and the use of CO2 should not be taken lightly, we highly recommend you use a CO2 sensor when introducing CO2 into your room.  



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