CO2 Grow - Mushroom CO2 Bag Large
CO2 Grow - Mushroom CO2 Bag Large

CO2 Grow - Mushroom CO2 Bag Large

CO2 Grow - Mushroom CO2 Bag Large

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CO² Grow Bags

NZ-made CO² Grow bags are designed to naturally increase CO² levels and improve the yield of indoor grow tents and small greenhouses.

Enriching your plants with CO² can increase growth & yield by 20-40% or more.

These bags are perfect for growing plants and microgreens in small, enclosed spaces. All plants benefit from higher CO² levels, resulting in faster, stronger, and more vigorous growth.


Improve plant growth and yield

Easy to use


Suitable for small spaces

Can be used with a variety of plants

Safe and eco-friendly


Traditionally, commercial greenhouses increase CO² levels using complex systems that burn natural gas. CO² Grow bags offer a safer, cheaper, and more eco-friendly alternative by taking advantage of mushrooms breaking down our locally-sourced carbon matrix and releasing CO² gas.


Large (2.2kg)

XL (4.3kg)

 (Product weight at time of manufacture).

A single XL size CO² Grow Bag is designed to cater for a 1200 * 1200 growing space. Grow spaces with dense heavy foliage can easily take multiple bags.

Dual L size CO² Grow Bags match the same size environment.

For larger spaces simply increase the number of bags relative to the size of your growing environment.

Directions for use:

Place bag upright on floor of growing environment.

Peel off top front sticker to activate – this allows CO² to disperse through white filter patch on the front of the bag.

Do not remove white filter patch underneath activation sticker.

CO² will be produced 24 hours a day, for up to 6 months once activated.

For peak CO² levels, replace bags every 2-3 months

DO NOT OPEN OR MAKE HOLES IN THE BAG - this will shorten the life of the bag.

Be sure to keep CO² bag a safe distance away from lights or heaters.

Over time you will see white to light brown growth and liquid form in the bag, this is completely normal and healthy.

Bag contents are sterilised, meaning no risk of introducing pests or disease to your growing environment.

No maintenance or watering required.

Product Life-cycle

CO² Grow bags will last for approximately 4-6 months as the mushroom mycelium breaks down the carbon-producing mix in the bag. CO² production mostly stops after 8-9 months.

Product Activation begins when you peel off the top sticker on the front of the bag exposing the white filter patch. We recommend you write the date you do so on the back of the bag - so you can refer to it when working out when to replace your bags.

Once the bags have done their dash the contents can be easily composted.


CO² Grow Bags are replacement guaranteed for 30 days.

The Manufacturing Production Date of your CO² Grow Bag is found on the sticker on the back of the bag - guaranteeing a fresh bag every time.

Further Info

For further information read the CO² Grow FAQ Here. (

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