Greencoir - Super Washed Coco Chip (12mm x 18mm)

Greencoir - Super Washed Coco Chip (12mm x 18mm)

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Coco Chip Size - 12mm x 18mm Super Washed

Greencoir is ultra high quality coco coir, direct from Sri-Lanka! 

Sri-Lanka is known globally as the leader in high quality coco coir production.

Green coir meets the following standards:


EDB - Export Development Board(Sri-lanka) Certified

CDA - Coconut Development Authority Certified (Sri-lanka)

50-liter bag provides ample volume for various applications, from seed starting to potting. Experience enhanced aeration, water retention, and nutrient absorption for healthier, thriving plants. Elevate your gardening with our premium Coco Coir Buffered Bags – the natural choice for cultivating green success. 

We prioritize sustainability by using responsibly sourced coconut coir, providing you with an eco-friendly and renewable growing medium. 

Experience superior aeration in your soil, promoting robust root development and preventing soil compaction for healthier, more resilient plants. 

Convenient and user-friendly, these bags are designed for hassle-free application, making them perfect for both beginners and seasoned gardeners. 

Elevate your gardening experience with our Coco Coir Buffered Bags – where quality meets sustainability for thriving plants. 


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Greencoir - Super Washed Coco Chip (12mm x 18mm)