Greencoir - 2 Gallon (8L) Prefill Planter Bags
Greencoir - 2 Gallon (8L) Prefill Planter Bags

Greencoir - 2 Gallon (8L) Prefill Planter Bags

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Hydrated bag measures 20cm x 20cm x 18cm 

40% Coco Peat and 60% Coco Chips (7mm) - roughly 50% Whc

Greencoir is ultra high quality coco coir, direct from Sri-Lanka! 

Sri-Lanka is known globally as the leader in high quality coco coir production.

Green coir meets the following standards:


EDB - Export Development Board(Sri-lanka) Certified

CDA - Coconut Development Authority Certified (Sri-lanka)

Green Coir 2 Gallon planter bags 

High quality, Super Washed Coco with a low EC! 

The bags use premium quality coco sourced directly from Sri-Lanka! Sri Lanka is known for producing the most constant and highest-quality cocopeat in the world -  due to its abundant coconut plantations/long history of coir fiber processing. )

Bags are white and have Uv protection for 2 years

These bags are perfect for commercial or home growers, planter bags are convenient and easy to use, simply wet the dehydrated coco cube and it will puff up and fill the planter bag.

The coco is washed multiple times to help achieve a low EC substrate, ready to grow!

Bags come with a compressed coco block which makes for easy shipping and storage

Are you sick of?

Using the kitchen scale to weigh coco (so that you have even bags)

Spilling coco everywhere

Inconsistent blends causing some plants to dry out faster than others

Lugging large bags of coco around & they cost heaps to ship/hard to store?

Well, this is the answer - step into the future today and save yourself, time, money and frustration! 

At the end of the day, time is money so why waste it!

Planter Bags are sometimes called as Easy Fill or Open Top Bags and are commonly used in Green houses and commercial growing operations for plants such as Tomatoes,
Strawberry, Bell peppers, Cucumbers and Capsicums and even Medical Cannabis.


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