Green Planet Nutrients - Pk Spike
Green Planet Nutrients - Pk Spike

Green Planet Nutrients - Pk Spike

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PK Spike is derived from several highly soluble sources of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) to deliver high amounts of PK to flowering plants.

During the flowering stage, phosphorous plays a key role in the essential functions of the plant that benefit flower formation. It helps the plant perform photosynthesis, transfer energy, and easily uptake the nutrients essential for budding.

Added potassium helps convert phosphorous into energy that your plant can use and strengthens cell walls to support heavy flowers & Fruits. Stronger cell walls support plant health by boosting the plant’s immunity response to pathogens and attacking pests.

The result is a healthy plant that will produce heavier yields

PK Spike is formulated to provide a uniform quantity of phosphorus and potassium to your flowering plants. Designed with over 25% more P/K than the next industry leading brand, this product can be applied at a maximum rate of 1mL/L to achieve a 250ppm P/K spike to your plants.


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