Bio Diesel Nutrients - Marine CaMG+
Bio Diesel Nutrients - Marine CaMG+

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Marine CaMG+

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Marine CaMG+

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Natural sea ingredients including crustacean derived calcium and magnesium from ancient sea bed deposits. Contains natural ocean derived ingredients with added nitrogen and trace elements. Marine CaMg+ is a Growth Booster which enables you to optimise nitrate levels for faster growth and correct deficiencies of Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium and Boron.

Use with Green Diamond Hydroponic base nutrients to optimise your desired Nitrogen level for specific varieties and growth stages

Bigger, healthier plants with stronger lateral branchingContains natural Plant Growth Promotants (PGPs) for increased cell division

Increased tolerance to environmental stress, pests and disease.

Faster growth rates and shorter vegetative cycles

Fast acting on nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg or N

Highly concentrated solution

MARINE CaMg+ is also a perfect FOLIAR SPRAY for a fast acting vegetative boost or to quickly correct nutrient deficiencies in as little as 24/48 hrs as soon as the nutrient pathways are clear.

APPLICATION: Apply during vegetative stages after seedlings and clones have established good roots, approx 20cm tall and actively growing. Alternatively use at any stage to correct a deficiency of N, Ca or Mg. Can also be used to buffer coco fibre. Marine CaMg+ is very concentrated, use caution when mixing and when using on small tender plants.
1ml /L = 0.8EC / 400PPM

NUTRIENT TANK: Coco Buffer /Small plants 0.25 per Litre
Large established plants 1ml per Litre

FOLIAR APPLICATION: Vegetative Plants 0.5ml per Litre
Larger Plants 1m+ 1ml per Litre
Apply weekly or twice per week for large plants during aggressive growth

FAST DEFICIENCY CORRECTION: (Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron + Trace elements)
Flush coco fibre or growing media with crystal clear to remove any build ups.
Foliar Spray at 1ml per Litre and adjust nutrient to 0.5EC until lush new growth returns.

Bio Diesel is biologically better for you, your plants and the environment 


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