Autopot - Tray 2 Grow Fabric Planter
Autopot - Tray 2 Grow Fabric Planter

Autopot - Tray 2 Grow Fabric Planter

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1x Tray2Grow Planter.

An allotment wherever you grow. This durable, fully collapsible fabric planter is the perfect addition to Tray2Grow if you want to cultivate root veg just about anywhere you please. With a capacity of 107.5 L / 23.5 gal it allows for unchecked horticultural adventurism in the home, on the patio or in the greenhouse.

Flexibility isn’t the Tray2Grow Planter’s only advantage over in-earth cultivation. Porous planter walls promote vigorous, healthy growth as the fabric allows for air-pruning and helps eliminate root circling. The porosity of the fabric also allows for increased oxygen exchange in the root zone which helps stimulate rapid development. 

Simple to assemble and produced from BPA-free, Lead-free fabric, the Tray2Grow Planter is extensively reusable. Once your growing season is over your Tray2Grow Planter can easily be disassembled for cleaning and/or storage. The fabric should be machine washed on a cool cycle. Once washed the planter fabric should be air-dried. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Once dry simply brush off any debris before reusing or storing.

Capacity: 107.5 L / 23.5 gal

Dimensions: 93 cm W x 33 cm L x 35 cm H

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