Bio Diesel Nutrients - Bio One

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Bio One
Bio Diesel Nutrients - Bio One

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Bio One

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Bio-One contains a blend of beneficial plant and ocean ferments that inoculates your plant root zone with diverse, salt tolerant beneficial microbes. This produces an enhanced Microbiome which speeds up nutrient cycling and signalling while also protecting your plant from pathogens and disease:

Contains nutrient stabilising bacteria and fungi

Increases update and bioavailability of minerals

Protects your plant from pathogens and disease

Enzymes breakdown any organic matter and bio films

Creates a larger root zone

Protects the plant from stress and nutrient imbalances

Can be used on compost piles to boost microbial levels, or use it on your lawns to boost your grass - simply put, almost any plant will benefit from this product!


**Bio Diesel has been designed as a high-quality Organic fertilizer that is suitable to grow medical grade cannabis. Medical Cannabis has the highest global safety standards for fertilzer inputs which is why we offer this product in our store. We know the product has been tested for heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals and is safe to use on food or other crops. We cannot supply you with any information on using Bio Diesel to grow cannabis/hemp unless you can produce a valid New Zealand growing license.  

**For medical enquiries – Reach out to us on If you would like to find out more about implementing the Bio Diesel program on your farm. We can help with costings, specific feed charts or any other information you might need to help you get started.  

Bio Diesel is biologically better for you, your plants and the environment 

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Bio One
Bio Diesel Nutrients
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