Bio Diesel Nutrients - Crystal Clear
Bio Diesel Nutrients - Crystal Clear

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Crystal Clear

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Crystal Clear helps remove excess fertiliser build-up in Coco fibre and Peat based soils. It contains a blend of complex sugars to boost Brix levels and increase Terpene production while enhancing colour expression leading up to harvest.

Locked up minerals lead to nutrient deficiencies and flushing normally requires huge amounts of water per pot (min 60L per 20L pot). Crystal Clear flushes your growing media fast using only a fraction of the water usage by helping to break the ionic mineral bond from the growing media, unlocking nutrient uptake and drawing out plant reserves.

Flushes out bonded mineral salts fast!

Use as a final flush for enhanced colour expression

Removes harsh fertiliser residuals before harvest

Enhances Terpene profiles and flavour

Clears plant nutrient pathways and reserves

Minimises water usage when flushing


NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY & LOCKOUT:Add 5ml per L of Crystal Clear to water and do NOT adjust the pH.
Flush at least 5L of solution (per 50L of media) through each pot.
Mix up new nutrients at half strength with a pH of 5.8-6.2 and apply the following day.
Stay at a reduced EC/PPM nutrient strength until the plants have recovered and rapidly growing.

MID CYCLE SALT FLUSHING - MAINTENANCE: Crystal Clear should be used regularly in aggressive Coco based fertilizer programs. If using as a maintenance flush mid cycle, return to normal feeds with correct pH 5.8- 6.2 within 24hrs after application. Do not adjust the pH of the solution but ensure new pH fixed nutrients are supplied within 24hrs or next watering.

FINAL FLUSH:L Add 5ml per Litre of Crystal Clear to water and apply 3 times per week. Do not adjust pH. Finish flushing on plain water.

Bio Diesel is biologically better for you, your plants and the environment 


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