Bio Diesel Nutrients - Rhino K
Bio Diesel Nutrients - Rhino K

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Rhino K

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Rhino K

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Rhino K is an organic bloom booster suitable for Soil, coco and hydroponics.

Rhino K does not contain Phosphates making it microbe friendly compared to other monopotassium phosphate (PK) bloom additives on the market that will destroy your microlife and soil.

The pure 15% organic Potassium solution is ideal for creating more bud burst at flower onset and a great flower enhancer to use during the last 3 weeks of budding to harden and swell calyxes leading to increases in Terpene and Trichome production.
Fulvates and vitamins maximise key nutrient movement and reproductive energy directing all minerals and plant reserves towards bud formation and oil production.

Based on organic K-Citrate Rhino K is better hand watered and applied within 48hrs of diluting the concentration with water. Commercial growers should add Rhino K to reservoirs 48hrs before tank change for best usage and results.

Suitable for Organic production

Compatible with Soil, Hydro & Coco Systems

More flowering sites with heavier blooms

Increases Trichrome and Terpene production

Larger calyxes for harder flowers

Higher value end product

More colour expression at harvest

No harsh residuals at harvest and flushes easily

Can be used at any stage the plants need added Potassium especially in bloom.
Can be watered or foliar applied (Foliar only before flowers have formed)


Add Rhino K at 1-2ml/L of solution and water through the roots or
Foliar Spray 1ml/L twice per week for 2 weeks


Add to watering solution at 1-2ml/ L depending on plant size.
Apply for 3 weeks at the end of bloom before final flush. Ie. Week 5 -8 of bloom on a 9 week flowering cycle.

Bio Diesel is biologically better for you, your plants and the environment 

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