Bio Diesel Nutrients - Starter Kit

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Starter Kit

Bio Diesel Nutrients - Starter Kit

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The Bio Diesel starter is a game changer for modern growers!

With a surge in growers taking control of their own food and medicine people are finally becoming conscious of nasty PGRs and other chemicals that are currently still being used in in horticulture to increase plant yields. Bio Diesel products offer an organic solution to synthetic fertigation through biological driven processes, working with the natural microbiome and plant symbiosis to achieve maximum nutrient uptake of all minerals through beneficial biology.

Our program easily matches and even exceeds the yields of the popular “salt heavy” fertilizer programs and provides amazing organic flavour and aroma that only organics can achieve.

The complete starter pack is designed to get you from start to finish. It contains all 7 Sensi Pro™ products, nutritionally everything your plants desire for the high yield hydroponics with amazing organic profiles, colour expressions and enhanced oil production.

Bio Diesels biology driven program will deliver indoor Coco or Hydroponic growers cleaner organic quality results and the program can easily be optimised for living soils and outdoors.

250ml Supernatural Organic Root Stimulant

250ml Bio One Beneficial Microbe Inoculant

250ml Marine CaMg+ Growth booster

250ml Rhino K Organic Potassium booster

2L Green Diamond Base Mineral A+B, 1L of each bottle

1L Aloevate Organic vitamins, trace elements, enzyme health tonic

1L Bio Diesel Organic Bloom Booster

1L Crystal Clear Flushing and finishing solution

***250ml Bio One Beneficial Microbe Inoculant included in our kits***

Each kit will come with a T-shirt, Ball USA Limited Edition Glass Jar and Art of Trog Sticker Pack

Refer to our GROWERS GUIDE and GREEN DIAMOND info for mixing base nutrients. Always add the strongest minerals first - Green Diamond, Marine and Rhino K (follow feed guide) to desired EC or PPM strength before adding the organic additives. The organics will have minimal effect on EC/ PPM values. Adjust pH to 5.8-6.2 if needed.


**Bio Diesel has been designed as a high-quality general Organic fertilizer that is suitable to grow medical grade cannabis. Medical Cannabis has the highest global safety standards for fertilzer inputs which is why we offer this product in our store. We know the product has been tested for heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals and is safe to use on food or other crops. We cannot supply you with any information on using Bio Diesel to grow cannabis/hemp unless you can produce a valid New Zealand growing license.  

**For medical enquiries – Reach out to us on If you would like to find out more about implementing the Bio Diesel program on your farm. We can help with costings, feed charts or any other information you might need to help you get started.  

Bio Diesel is biologically better for you, your plants and the environment 


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