Wally's Secret Cacti & Palm Food 1kg


Wally's Secret Cacti & Palm Food 1kg

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A special food for cacti, succulents, bromeliad & all Palms 

Use only during the warmer months when plants are actively growing.

Apply every two months starting about September again November &  January.

The food contains Wallys Neem Tree Powder to assist in the control of root mealy bugs. Place the required amount of food on the growing medium in the root zone away from the base of the plant in the area where you will water.

If mealy bugs are a problem lightly spread the food over all the root zone.

The amount to use : Baby plants about half a teaspoon each application.

More established plants half to full scoop supplied.

Large plants one or more scoops each application.

Scoop supplied: level full is 40 grams

Note this product will noticeably increase growth so do not use outside of normal summer growing periods as you do not want to force growth during plant’s rest period in cooler months.




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