D-Odr - Deodoriser Spray 'Clean & Crisp' 70ml

D-Odr - Deodoriser Spray 'Clean & Crisp' 70ml

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We combined over a decade of experience in creating high performance products for industrial odour control with the expertise from one of Spain’s leading perfumers.

 It’s time to flip the way we combat odours on its head.

The Planet

We love our planet, and so sustainability  is woven into every aspect of our business.  All the way from R&D to packaging, we constantly seek to reduce our impact on the natural world.


It’s vital to us that D-ODR exceeds your expectations.Every bottle of D-ODR is guaranteed to have the same 99.9% efficiency and hours of lasting power.


Science allows us to harness the awesome power and potential of nature without exploiting it.  It allows us to realise our dreams, and turn inspiration into reality.


Smaller scent molecules delivered by a fine mist atomiser means that our formula is unmatched in terms of lasting power and efficiency.


Instantly Removes Odours

Eliminates Odours From All Kinds Of Smoke

Multi-Use: Car, Home or on Clothes.

Travel Size

Long Lasting Scent

Unique Blend of Premium Ingredients

Created by World Renowned Perfumers


Child & Pet Safe

Bottled in the UK

Over 400 Bursts of Freshness in Each Bottle

Infinitely Recyclable Aluminium Bottle



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D-Odr - Deodoriser Spray 'Clean & Crisp' 70ml