Eazy Plug - CT77 Tray

Eazy Plug - CT77 Tray

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Eazy Plug is the OG, used by professional cultivators and home enthusiasts around the world. Dont accept imitations, these are made in Holland!

The Eazy Plug is a unique propagation plug from the Netherlands that comes with predetermined pH and EC values, and self regulates the ideal air-to-water ratio with its sophisticated bonding of the organic materials. 

Due to this bonding of the organic components there is no necessity for pots or sleeves, thus offering huge hair root structures because of to the air pruning effect.

With its superb water uptake and uniform moisture distribution, the Eazy Plug is nearly impossible to overwater. Just make sure that the plug always can drain the excess water and you will be good to grow with unrivalled germination and rooting results.

Tray Dimensions: 525mm L x 310mm W

77 x Eazy Plugs (Plugs are approximately 35mm x 35mm)

1 Tray = $0.50 Per Plug

5 Trays = $0.45 Per Plug

10 Trays = $0.42 Per Plug

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