FloraFlex - FloraCap 4" 3.0 (4 PACK)
FloraFlex - FloraCap 4" 3.0 (4 PACK)
FloraFlex - FloraCap 4" 3.0 (4 PACK)

FloraFlex - FloraCap 4" 3.0 (4 PACK)

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Introducing the FloraFlex 4" FLORACAP® 3.0, the ultimate tool for top feeding

This patent-pending drip tray is specifically designed for 4" pots or rockwool cubes, offering exceptional performance and eliminating algae growth. With its innovative features, the FLORACAP® 3.0 ensures a consistent flow rate, even distribution, and improved stabilization, maximizing your plants' potential during the vegetative cycle.

Featuring 13 flower-designed louvers, the FLORACAP® 3.0 delivers water, nutrients, and air to the medium while effectively blocking out light.

This precise delivery system guarantees optimal absorption and promotes healthier roots.

Whether you choose to automate your feed using (1 or 2) FloraClips and Tubing (1/4" OD) or prefer to feed by hand, the FLORACAP® 3.0 provides flexibility and convenience.

Stability is key, and the FLORACAP® 3.0 ensures it with stakes on the bottom. These stakes add extra stability, keeping your tray securely in place. Additionally, the tray is designed with holes in all four corners, allowing for efficient drainage of leftover water, preventing waterlogged conditions.

Crafted from BPA and lead-free plastic, the FLORACAP® 3.0 prioritizes safety and durability. It is dishwasher safe, stackable, and reusable, providing convenience and sustainability for your hydroponic system.

Compatible with 4" rockwool cubes for optimal performance

13 flower-designed louvers for precise water, nutrient, and air delivery

Automation-ready with (1 or 2) FloraClips and Tubing (1/4" OD)

Stakes on the bottom for enhanced stability

Holes in all four corners for efficient leftover water drainage

Made from BPA and lead-free plastic for safety and durability

Dishwasher safe, stackable, and reusable for convenience

Patent-pending design for innovation and superior performance

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