Floraflex Nutrients - Cal + Mag + Iron

Floraflex Nutrients - Cal + Mag + Iron

Floraflex Nutrients - Cal + Mag + Iron

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FloraFlex Nutrients Cal + Mag + Iron is designed to complement the FloraFlex 2-part base nutrient formulas

The Floraflex Nutrients base feed already contains all of these elements however when using LED lights, reverse osmosis water / soft water we highly recommend using a 'Cal Mag' supplement. 

Some plants may require more of these elements under rapid growth and/or developmental phases

The product corrects common deficiencies when using reverse osmosis water, as well as plants grown in coco coir, rockwool and/or any hydroponic growing media.


**Floraflex has been designed as a high-quality general fertilizer that is suitable to grow medical grade cannabis. Medical Cannabis has the highest global safety standards for fertilzer inputs which is why we offer this product in our store. We know the product has been tested for heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals and is safe to use on food or other crops. We cannot supply you with any information on using Floraflex to grow cannabis/hemp unless you can produce a valid New Zealand growing license.  

**For medical enquiries – Reach out to us on sales@growershub.co.nz If you would like to find out more about implementing the Floraflex program on your farm. We can help with feed charts or any other information you might need to help you get started.  

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