Good Clean Health Co - 6% Hydrogen Peroxide 1L

Good Clean Health Co - 6% Hydrogen Peroxide 1L

Good Clean Health Co - 6% Hydrogen Peroxide 1L

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6% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 1L bottle  DOUBLE STRENGTH!!

The double-strength hydrogen peroxide is an excellent choice for people with heavy-duty jobs around the house. It’s especially good in bathrooms, degreasing filters and ovens, removing heavy stains or mould to control algae in hydroponics and aquaponics systems.

6% Hydrogen Peroxide can be an excellent alternative to bleach because it has strong oxidizing properties. It is also non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. I use double strength hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach for laundry detergent and any deep cleaning tasks where you need more strength than the standard 3%.

Clean your The all-in-one cleaning and plant care solution can help you with over fifty tasks around your house and garden.

There’s no need to worry about exposing your family to toxic chemicals when using this product, as it fully degrades into just oxygen and water. What’s not to love?

Highly Effective – Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Mould

Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly and 100% Biodegradable

Peroxide can help speed up the germination process or eliminate fungal and root root issues

Use to sanitise your aeroponics kits or hydroponic equipment, can be used with aeroponic cloners when taking cuttings to avoid slime build up

Safe Around Children, People Suffering from Allergies & Pets

Save Money by Using This Multipurpose Solution


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