Green Planet Nutrients - Run Clean Starter Kit

Green Planet Nutrients - Run Clean Starter Kit

Green Planet Nutrients - Run Clean Starter Kit

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Designed in Canada, highly concentrate!

GreenPlanet Nutrients plant fertilizers are designed so that any and all craft and commercial growers can maximize their yields to the highest potential.


Kit includes:

1x Dual Fuel - 1L Two Bottles (a/b)

1x Rezin - 1L

1x Pk Spike - 1L

1x Procal - 1L

1x Liquid Weight - 1L

Dual Fuel is the newest and most advanced 2 part on the market

Rezin is an award winning flavour & aroma enhancer, boost your essential oils and maximize your plants flavour

Pk Spike is a Pk Bloom enhancer that will help you achieve stacked, heavy & dense flower clusters full of essential oils

Procal is a calcium and magnesium supplement that helps with deficiencies  and strengthens your plants. 

Liquid weight is a booster that contains complex carbohydrates, natural triacontinol, yucca extracts, bio-available amino acids, ascorbic acid and more! Improves flavours and boosts your plants 

This complex commercial grade formulation has been concentrated in order to reduce volume of nutrients in the grow room. This reduces shelving, storage, handling and plastic bottle waste/disposal.

A true ‘sludge free’ two part nutrient solution.

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