Harvest More - Scissor Scubber Box

Harvest More - Scissor Scubber Box

Harvest More - Scissor Scubber Box

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Say goodbye to gross gummy blades, sticky rags and sloshy jars - the Scissor Scrubber gets the job done without a big fuss and No Mess!

The harvest More scissor cleaning system is efficient and portable. Keep your extra pair of snips at the ready while trimming then swap them out with your sticky scissors - you won't be slowed down by sticky scissors with the scrubber on hand. Sticky scissors waste time. Clean scissors trim faster.

Container is easy to open and close with removable bristles that won't dull your blades

Use your own choice of cleaning solution with built in rubber squeegies to clear off excess solution. Simply open the lid, remove the brushes, fill with your cleaning solution, put the brushes back in and you're ready to go. Squeaky clean scissors in seconds. Scissors and snips work best when they're clean.


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