Herbi - All Natural 4-4-4 (1kg)

Herbi - All Natural 4-4-4 (1kg)

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All Purpose Fertiliser

Herbi’s All-Natural is ideal to build up your soil in a natural way supporting the development of a soil food web.

Mix it into your soil mix or use it as a top dressing.
We recommend that you combine Herbi’s All-Natural 4-4-4 with worm castings.

An example of dosage guidelines you can download here.

At Herbi, we support diversity, particularly to build up a strong and healthy soil. Our handcrafted Herbi’s All-Natural comes with a wide range of natural ingredients to ensure a maximum of microbial adaptability:

Fish Meal
Mussel Meal
Kelp Meal
Soluble Kelp extract
Rock Phosphate / Biophos
Volcanic Rock Dust
Natural Silicon Dioxide
Blood & Bone
Feather Meal
Frass from Mealworms
Sugarbeet Molasses
Manuka Wood Ash
Alfalfa Meal
Soybean Meal (GMO free)
Amino Acids
Fulvic Acids
Humic Acids
Aloe Arborescens Extract
Yucca Extract
Algae Extract
Trichoderma Fungi
Mycorrhizal Fungi
Natural Triacontanol
Chitosan oligosaccharide
Beneficial Fungi, Bacteria and Enzymes
Pest controlling Bacteria

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