Herbi - All Natural Bloom Booster 1kg

Herbi - All Natural Bloom Booster 1kg

Herbi - All Natural Bloom Booster 1kg

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We support diversity, particularly to build up a strong and healthy soil. Herbi’s All Natural BLOOM Booster comes with a diverse range of natural ingredients:

Fish Meal

Kelp soluble


Volcanic Rock dust


Natural Silicon Dioxide





Blood & Bone

Feather Meal

Frass from Mealworms

Manuka Wood Ash

Sugarbeet Molasses

Alfalfa Meal

Soybean Meal (GMO free)

Amino Acids

Fulvic Acids

Humic Acids

Aloe Arborescens Extract

Yucca Extract

Algae Extract

Natural Triacontanol

Beneficial Fungi, Bacteria and Enzymes

Bloom Booster Fertiliser

Herbi’s All Natural fertiliser improves soil quality to support resilient plant growth and abundant, long lasting blooms and big quality yield.

Herbi’s All Natural BLOOM Booster 2-8-4 contains ingredients with high phosphorus and potassium levels suitable for a wide range of flowering and fruiting crops like i.e. tomatoes, peppers or fruit trees like any kind of citrus or stone fruit trees. It has a variable nutrient release, but focusses on a boost for the flowering and fruiting phase. Please get in touch for questions about amending to your crop.

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