Mountain Air - Carbon Filter 'Big Air' 250mm x 1000mm

Mountain Air - Carbon Filter 'Big Air' 250mm x 1000mm

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A huge 250mm x 1000mm Long filte

Mountain air filters are the gold standard of carbon filters and have been so for more than a decade.

Designed to give maximum quality, performance and longevity. . They offer superior airflow compared to other filters, due to the very low density but high mechanical strength of activated carbon used.

Mountain air filters remove 99% of everything under 20 microns from the air in one pass, Including dust, lint, mold spores and organic odours.

Activated Carbon Filters used in hydroponic grow rooms are the most effective means of cleansing the extracted air to remove any odours. These filters work by a method called adsorption (as opposed to absorption) Simply put, adsorption means that odour-causing molecules stick to the inside of the activated carbon without the carbon itself increasing in size.

It is highly recommended that you run a centrifugal fan with this filter.


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