Flairform - PH Test Kit (SOIL + LIQUID)
Flairform - PH Test Kit (SOIL + LIQUID)

Flairform - PH Test Kit (SOIL + LIQUID)

Flairform - PH Test Kit (SOIL + LIQUID)

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Serious gardeners want a soil (and water) pH test kit.  They also want it to be accurate and reliable!Since soil pH controls the availability of nutrients to plants, gardeners need accurate information on the pH of their soil and water to ensure it is optimum for the type of plants they grow.  Flairform's Soil & Water pH Test Kit is unique:

Tests for pH on both water and soil.

Provides laboratory accuracy and reliability.

Is simple to use and is the best value available.


Uses 21st century universally recognised & preferred* soil pH method chemistry based on a calcium chloride extract e.g. CSIRO, ASTM, Vic & NSW Govts*.  Current popular brands are still only based on the 1959, Raupach’s / CSIRO rapid field test method for testing soil pH.

Equally accurate and precise for testing water.

Uses high colour resolution pH indicator solution.  This provide more colors and colors that are more easily distinguishable over the critical pH range 5 to 9.

Performs total of 800 tests - 200 soil and 600 waters.  This compares to only 50 - 100 soil tests from 2 other popular brands.

Shelf life > 3 years.

Formulated by chemist with water and agricultural chemistry experience since 1966 (previously, Principal Chemist of Water Resources for WA Chemistry Centre). Made in Australia.

When to Use:

Testing pH of soil or water

Number of Tests:

200 for soil or 800 for water

Bottle Sizes:



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