Seacliff Organics - Liquid Calcium 30% 1L

Seacliff Organics - Liquid Calcium 30% 1L

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Micronised Soft Coral and AgLime with Trace Minerals

30% Calcium, 0.25% Magnesium

Liquid Calcium is micronised calcium carbonate, combining a 50/50 blend of NZ’s finest limes & a soft golden fossilised seashell and coral lime imported from Australia. It is totally natural and contains not only Calcium and Magnesium but also naturally occurring levels of important trace minerals such as Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Molybdenum and Boron.

Recommended Usage:

Dilute 15- 30ml with 5 litres of water per 10m2

Soil drench: apply with a watering can

Foliar spray: Keep agitated and use a wide nozzle sprayer

Cuttings: dip rootsin a 1:4 dilution (Liquid Calcium:Water)

The best conditions for application early morning or evening with minimal wind and preferably no rain for at least two hours after application. Liquid Calcium can be applied with most foliar fertilisers. We recommend mixing and applying to a test area first before blanket application if adding another product.


Caution: Remove fine filters from spray equipment before application. Liquid Calcium is not suitable for a C Dax type handheld or knapsack sprayers. Do not mix until ready to apply. Mix and spread straight away. DO NOT LEAVE STANDING FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. This can affect product consistency and further agitation may be required. Thoroughly clean all spray equipment after use.


Wear gloves and eye protection, and wash hands after use


Once opened, keep sealed and stored out of direct sunlight


If ingested, product comes into contact with eyes or skin irritation is present, rinse area well and call the National Poisons Centre on 0800 POISON (0800 764 766)

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Seacliff Organics - Liquid Calcium 30% 1L
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