Telos - Growcast

Telos - Growcast
Telos - Growcast
Telos - Growcast
Telos - Growcast

Telos - Growcast

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***DEMO UNIT!***

The Telos Growcast light control system provides the user with an unparalleled level of control over their grow light

Users can dim their grow light by selecting for precise PPF , PPFD or as a percentage of total power consumption (viewing exact wattage and efficiency information in real-time)

You can create exact lighting schedules by selecting hours/minutes - with the extra option to select sunrise/sunset mode which provides a gradual increase/decrease in light intensity 

In addition to these features, hundreds of fixtures can be connected and grouped together; all within a single, securely-encrypted phone app! 

The Telos Mesh app is available on both IOS and Android devices

Compatible with Hps & Led 


With Precise PPF™ you can specify the exact PPF output of your Telos LED using the app without being limited to increments. The system takes into account the changes in LED efficiency at the required wattage and the lifetime degradation of the LED performance to calculate the exact power output needed to achieve the requested PPF level.

Compared with a 0-10v dimming system this provides a much more accurate and repeatable solution for growers

The app also displays the active power consumption and efficiency at different output settings.

The app allows you to easily group lights together and you can have multiple groups within the same mesh network. Schedules can be created to turn the lights off and on throughout the day and separate schedules can then be applied to different groups of lights within the same network.

You can also apply a PPF setting to each group of lights. These combined functions are really useful for advanced growers who will be able to control multiple tents with plants at different stages of the lifecycle using the same smart device.


Grow Rooms is a powerful and long awaited feature for V2 of Telos Mesh. Growers can now create separate “grow
rooms”, such as vegetative or flowering, and add lights into a respective space and make global adjustments that will affect the entire room. Lots of valuable data is available on this page, users can quickly view photometric and power data such as currant wattage being used and what efficiency the lights are running at.

When setting up a room, in order to access the most important information it is recommended to input the grow room dimensions and wall material. If this is done so by the user, the Telos Mesh app will generate an accurate average PPFD reading at canopy level for the entire room. Something that was only previously achievable by use of expensive PAR and quantum sensors.

Precise PPFD is a unique feature to the Telos Mesh app, as explained briefly in the previous section; will generate an average PPFD reading at canopy level for the entire grow room.

This feature is accessible through the “Rooms” page, found at the bottom menu on the Telos App.

In order to pull through the most important data, the user must set up a “grow room” by entering in the room dimensions and wall material, for example, 1.2 x 2.4m (grow tent foot print) and white mylar for the wall material.

The app will then take this data (as well as verified photometric data) from Telos and some 3rd party lighting to generate the Precise PPFD reading. Something previously only attainable with expensive PAR and quantum sensors – is now readily available in the palm of your hand.

Any changes to the quantity or intensity of your lighting is immediately reflected in the average PPFD value.

Box Contents:

1x Growcast LED Controller

1x 3 Pin to RJ11 Adaptor type 1

1x 3 Pin to RJ11 Adaptor type 2

1x USB-C Cable

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Innoquest - SpotOn Extension Wand
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Telos - Growcast
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