Flairform - Green Dream 5L

Flairform - Green Dream 5L

Flairform - Green Dream 5L

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1-part nutrient that produces vigorous growth from seed to harvest.  GreenDream-1 is ideal for commercial cropping in hydroponics, coco and soil:

GreenDream-1 is a single-bottle that runs from seed to harvest. This is ideal for larger grows and simplifies inventory management.  Use of PK additives during flower will offset the need for a separate grow and bloom nutrient. 

Is completely soluble, runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability. It is also capable of handling very hard and salty waters without unwanted issues such as blocked filters and drippers.

Does not require shaking and is compatible with auto dosing equipment such as Dosatrons.

Has greater pH stability than most 2-parts and can tolerate higher pH levels than regular base nutrient formulations.

Formulated from high purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements such as iron-DTPA.

Available in larger pack sizes – 1L, 5L, 20L, 220L and 1,000L - as is therefore practical for commercial operations.

Dose rate 3-5ml/L (11-19ml/Gal)


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