Green House Feeding - Grow Powder
Green House Feeding - Grow Powder

Green House Feeding - Grow Powder

Green House Feeding - Grow Powder

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Designed specifically for the vegetative-growth stage of all plants. Works very well with seedlings, young plants and all green plants.

Grow formula provides optimum development throughout the growth stage to obtain greener, stronger and more resistant plants.

Grow faster, greener and more vigorous than ever.
It is ideal for taking of cuttings. The easy assimilation of nutrients and the high Nitrogen content provides plants with a more robust and branched structure.
The thicker leaves accumulate more reserves, stimulating rapid rooting of cuttings.
Ideal for:

Ficus Benjamina
Erica Carnea
All kinds of young and herbaceous plants

Green House Powder Feeding Grow is a powerful hydroponic or soil nutrient!

Designed for plants requiring a higher Nitrogen ratio; Grow is a single-part, powdered fertiliser solution.

Powder Feeding Grow provides optimum development of the growth stage through powerful optimised mineral nutrition.

Powder Feeding contains all the required macro and trace elements required for rapid plant growth. The Grow formula would be best used for plants with an unusually long vegetative period (>6 weeks) and/or for donor/mother plants with ongoing vegetative growth.

GHSC Powder Feeding can be used in hydro/coco or soil applications.


N-P-K-(Mg): 24+6+12+(1,2)

See the Link below to find out more about why Green House Feeding is a industry leader

Can Green House Powder Feeding - Dosatron®

Green House Powder Feeding can be used with a Dosatron® system.
The recommended dosage for Dosatron® is 30g/L  
The saturation point of Green House Powder Feeding at room temperature is 160g/L


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